Full of fun!

A rich animation programme for children and young people, with lots of games and fun activities during the whole day, all days of the week! Our staff of animators, professional, and prepared, will entertain the younger guests with games, dances and workshops are ideal for all ages.

Teenager Club

For the holidays and the fun of the whole family, at the Faber we have also thought about the boys on holiday with their parents, with a specific programme of activities for youngsters aged 10 to 16 years: lots of fun occasions to socialize and spend the day in a creative and entertaining.

Our activities

  • 13.00 - 14.30 - children's club with meals
  • 16.30 - 18.30 - Games in the swimming pool with a snack
  • 20.00 - 21.00 - mini club with meals
  • 21.00 - 21.30 - Baby Dance
  • From 21.30 - surprise Party

Our unmissable nights

Every evening our animators to invent a new occasion for a party and amaze children and adults with funny gags, performances and a memorable evening!

Some examples:

  • The evening mascot Mickey and Mouse, Donald duck and Daisy duck
  • The evening's mascot with cute Minions
  • Pool Party with Midnight swim
  • Beach party "Dancing under the stars"
  • The parade of the children "Not only Fashion"
  • Children Show Party
  • Karaoke
  • Luna Park with games, surprises and magic
  • The Bullfight of the Guests
  • Voila, the Cabaret is served!



Two special evenings with BIMBOBELL directly from Tu si que vales. On 7 and 29 June this friendly character will brighten up your children with brightly colored clothes and a strange little voice. A show of music, songs, gags, games and lots of laughs that will involve all children and will also entertain adults.

Animated cakes evening: NEW 2018

During the week of 17-24 June will be held the evening of animated cakes, a novelty of 2018. So many cakes with cartoon characters preferred by your children and not only: napkins, balloons, glasses and gadgets themed for so much fun. Get ready for a really special evening!

Evening of 120 cakes

Now a must at the Hotel 2000, the evening of 120 cakes will be held the week from July 29th to August 5th. Literally a sea of ​​sweets, cakes, desserts, semifreddos, cream puffs and many other goodies for an evening ... to be licked! Put your diet aside!

from 19.04.19 to 23.04.19
from 47 € per person daily
from 24.04.19 to 28.04.19
from 47 € per person daily
from 30.05.19 to 02.06.19
from 80 € per person for 2 days
from 30.05.19 to 03.06.19
from 49 € per person daily
from 09.06.19 to 16.06.19
personalized prices
from 23.06.19 to 30.06.19
from 62 € per person daily
from 30.06.19 to 07.07.19
from 68 € per person daily
from 07.07.19 to 28.07.19
from 68 € per person daily
from 28.07.19 to 04.08.19
from 68 € per person daily
from 04.08.19 to 11.08.19
from 81 € per person daily
from 10.08.19 to 18.08.19
from 85 € per person daily
from 18.08.19 to 25.08.19
from 78 € per person daily
from 25.08.19 to 01.09.19
from 61 € per person daily
from 01.09.19 to 08.09.19
from 49 € per person daily
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