Heated swimming pool

Entertainment and fun for all

Our beautiful pool is the center of all the appointments the most important of the hotel: the base point of our talented animators, and the location of the most beautiful pool parties with a midnight swim!

The pool is heated with such a pleasant temperature and is also excellent for children, who can have fun playing with the water slide, to give vent to their energy, safely under the control of our supervisory staff.

A rich program for children

Every day in the pool will follow the events dedicated to children, with many activities organized by our animators, designed for the joy of children:

  • water aerobics and a kids ' club with music, games and creative activities
  • afternoon snack buffet every afternoon
  • baby dance every evening
  • party and a midnight swim every Tuesday!

Pool parties

Now become a fun tradition at the hotel Faber, our beautiful pool parties are organized once a week, with live music, lots of fun and the inevitable midnight bathroom! A unique opportunity to have fun in the company of all hotel guests, get to know new people and form new friendships.

from 29.05.21 to 06.06.21
from 50 € per person for 7 days
from 04.07.21 to 25.07.21
from 419 € per person for 6 days
from 25.07.21 to 01.08.21
from 419 € per person for 6 days
from 01.08.21 to 08.08.21
from 405 € per person for 5 days
from 03.06.21 to 06.06.21
from 70 € per person for 2 days
from 08.08.21 to 22.08.21
from 525 € per person for 6 days
from 22.08.21 to 29.08.21
from 68 € per person per night
from 29.08.21 to 05.09.21
from 342 € per person for 6 days
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